The Bird 

Her nest was a hiding from the world. But the bird was now ready to fly. She’d got her wings to reach out to the sky. She cared no more about being judged or ridiculed for being naive. She cared no more about falling down because all she knew was to rise again. She mustered some courage to draw out her hidden vibrance. She was young at heart and full of passion to sore high. The bird was ready to fly.  

The little wings started becoming stronger. She felt that she came out of a cage. She did come out of her secluded little place. The bird discovered that she was fierce and bold. Now nothing could hold her back because her passion burned brighter than her fear.

The first flight wasn’t an easy one. But she wasn’t alone. She had all the valour in the world gathered by her. She had always pictured this phase to be a beautiful one, and indeed, it was. No more bounds, no more hurry. No demands and no worries. She had begun a new journey on this flight. Nothing could hold her back because she was a freebird now. And this bird one cannot change.